Yom Kippur

There will be plenty more info to come, but in the meantime… did you know:

  • Yom Kippur is also called the Day of Atonement?
  • Messianics celebrate Yom Kippur as an annual reminder of the provision God has made for mankind to be in fellowship with Him through the atoning blood sacrifice of Christ?
  • Yom Kippur is a promise of cleansing, reconciliation, and restoration and new relationship with God?
  • In the Old Testament, Yom Kippur was the only day any priests (and then only the high priest) was allowed in the Holy of Holies to minister before God?
  • Yom Kippur is consider the holiest and most solemn Holy Day of the religious calendar? (Also known as Shabbat Shabbaton or a Sabbath of Sabbaths)

More to come later!