This is a 10 part study on the Old Testament Tabernacle that I put together back in 2012 for missionary women serving in Japan. A study of the Tabernacle is extremely interesting because it points to the life and ministry of Christ without a doubt! My purpose in writing this study was to show the connection between Old Testament and New Testament worship making the connection between the objects and how they were connected with Christ. I would certainly change a few things now, but this study stands as I posted it originally in the fall of 2012. The 10 parts are as follows:

#1 – The Lost Parable
A look at Hebrews 9:9 and the parable found there that connects the Christ with the Tabernacle.

#2 -The Outer Courtyard
A description of the camp of Israel – the layout and its similarities to other ancient near east military camps.

#3 – The Bronze Altar
A description of the object in the outer courtyard where sacrifices were offered as part of the Israelite’s worship.

#4 – The Bronze Laver
The place where the priests were to cleanse themselves in order to be able to enter the Tabernacle without a fear of death.

#5 – The Holy Place
The first and outer room of the tabernacle tent. It contained three objects – the first of which (the Table of Showbread) is discussed in this post.

#6 – The Golden Lampstand
The seventy-five pound golden lamp that illuminated the interior of the holy place.

#7 – The Altar of Incense
This altar was continually lit with a variety of spices to be pleasing before the Lord.

#8 – The Inner Veil
The veil separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place (the innermost room in the Tabernacle. Later in the temple, this is the veil that was torn at the moment Christ died on the cross.

#9 – The Ark of the Covenant
This is the  place where God’s manifest presence would reside with his people. It was the place of connection between heaven and earth.

#10 – God’s Design for Worship
The final look at the Tabernacle as a whole from the Bronze altar of repentance and sacrifice through to the Holy of Holies and intimacy with the God of the Universe.