There are a tremendous number of resources that have helped me gain a better understanding of worship in the Old Testament and how it points us towards Christ. I’ve also listed a number that have helped me understand the Messianic perspective better. Check back form more, but here are a number of excellent resources to begin with:


  1. The Temple and the Church’s Mission by G.K. Beale
  2. Engaging With God by Eugene Peterson
  3. From Eden to the New Jerusalem by T. Desmond Alexander
  4. Unceasing Worship by Harold Best
  5. Heaven on Earth by T. Desmond Alexander and Simon Gathercole
  6. God Dwells Among Us by G.K. Beale and Mitchell Kim
  7. God’s Festivals in Scripture and History – Part 1 (The Spring Festivals) and Part 2 (The Fall Festivals) by Samuele Bacchiocchi
  8. Enthroned On Our Praise by Timothy M. Pierce
  9. The Letter Writer: Paul’s Background and Torah Perspective by Tim Hegg
  10. The Unseen Realm by Michael S. Heiser
  11. The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn


  1. Hebrew for Christians:
  2. Messianic Jewish Bible Institute: