About Me

As you can see from the tagline above, this blog is composed of the thoughts and meditations of a Messianic Gentile… me! Before moving on, you may want to check out my discussion of what a Messianic Gentile is here…

I actually grew up in the Evangelical Church and have called myself a Christian for many many years. I attended Colorado Christian University and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Ministry. I then attended Denver Seminary and earned my Master’s Degree in Leadership/Worship. I have led worship and been in leadership roles for much of my working life in a number of different Evangelical churches as both a lay person and as a staff person.

I have no Jewish blood as part of my heritage25-What-Does-This-Symbol-Mean, however, my husband and I have been attending a Messianic Congregation in the past year and have developed a huge appreciation for the Jewish roots that are a part of our Christian faith. The symbol to the left represents Messianic Judaism. Its a blending of the menorah (a Jewish symbol) with the Christian fish (pointed downwards). The fish’s tail makes up one triangle of the star of David and the base of the menorah makes up the other triangle. I love this symbol! How beautiful to see both Jewish and Christian believers intertwined this way! This is my desire!

As I have been learning more about the Messianic perspective, I have felt like I’ve had so many new insights into scripture and that I have wanted a place to capture some of these things to share with others. Scripture has come alive in so many ways that just blow me away now that I see the Jewish tradition that accompanies scripture! Pieces of scripture that never seemed to really make sense, have had the missing pieces filled in.

These refreshing insights from God are a very precious gift that I simply want to pour out for the benefit of others. It is my hope that in this blog, I will have shared something as refreshing to you as it has been to me.

DSC_1019.jpgSoli Dei Gloria…  and Shalom!

Tracy Meola



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for your thoughts on the Tabernacle. I am using many of them to put together lessons for our Sunday School kids. They are enjoying learning something new, though it is a stretch for me to find time to gather material and make a kid friendly curriculum that I hope to share just like you have shared the knowledge you have gathered. Blessings in our Lord Jesus Christ.


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